Wall’s Selection Free Oreo and Hershey’s Deals

Walls Selection Free Oreo and Hersheys Deals

Wall’s Selection joins hands with Oreo and Hershey’s for a brand new awesome mix of the best

Who can resist grabbing some ice cream on a sunny Sunday afternoon for a good family treat? Wall’s Selection is giving you another reason to pick up a pint for some awesome family moments! Collaborating with two all-time favourite confectionary brands, the new Wall’s Selection Oreo and Wall’s Selection Hershey’s will feature the first ever awesome mix of the finest ice cream with premium cookies or milk chocolate respectively, the best treat for your family.

The Wall’s Selection Oreo will give all cookies and cream ice cream a run for money! Featuring the finest Selection vanilla ice cream lavishly mixed with a generous amount of Oreo Cookies, the delightful combination is bound to become your family’s favourite!

Or how about sharing some love, hugs and kisses with your family today by enjoying the deliciously rich Wall’s Selection Hershey’s! Smothered with plenty of Hershey’s Kisses Milk Chocolate and with awesome swirls of chocolate syrup in every spoonful of creamy Wall’s Selection, this is a chocolate-y treat that will have you smacking your lips for more.

So, here are reasons for you to experience a new awesome mix for your awesome weekend with your family this July onwards! The new Wall’s Selection Oreo and Wall’s Selection Hershey’s will be available at all major supermarkets and convenience shops from 1 July 2013, at the recommended selling price of $9.50. Get a free pack of Oreo Cookies or Hershey’s Kisses Milk Chocolate with every purchase of a Wall’s Selection Oreo or Wall’s Selection Hershey’s respectively. At all key stores, while stock last!