Midnight Shift: 3rd Anniversary (17 Nov 2012)

Midnight Shift celebrates its 3rd year anniversary on 17 Nov 2012 with a riot of cutting-edge acts from Zouk’s djB to Syndicate SG’s Max Lane as well as Kiat feat Isaac Aesili, the latter a prolific musician who will provide his soulful touch all the way from New Zealand. Our International Mystery Man of the night is a mystery even to ourselves, and the masked crusader from Berlin will set off a techno ride from 2am – don’t miss.

Be sure to witness VJs Avneesh and Burrows as they go back to back on the wall of LCD all night, while Kevin Lester of SIXX will play birthday host to the last and biggest Midnight Shift for the year.

A blazing of interstellar paths. See you on the shift.

For an exclusive guest list which is valid BEFORE 11pm, please RSVP here
Email to info@mnshift.com should you have any further queries.